Touch Maze

A new release by Mr Jazz Entertainment. Coming soon to Steam on May 28th and coming soon to the Google Play Store.

Fast Action 2d scroll game

A 2d side scrolling game that will allow the gamer to test their hand-eye coordination. Each level is procedurally generated before you start; it is different each time.

Improve your mouse skills for Fortnite and APEX legends on your PC

Play this game on your steam account using your mouse and improve your hand / eye / mouse coordination. As the levels progress, the difficulty increases.

Improve your play on Fortnite, Apex Legends, and other FPS games. Improve your ability to control your mouse by winding your mouse cursor throught the maze and obstacles. As the difficulty increases, your mouse accuracy will keep you completing levels.

Can you get past level 40 in hard core mode?

Casual mode has 40 levels that you can retry. But hardcore mode doesn't stop until you do. Can you get past level 40?

Steam and Google Play Store Release

Touch Maze will release May 28th, 2024. Stay tuned for our Android release.

What about the Apple App Store?

This initial release will be to Google Play and steam. Touch maze will be available on the Apple App store in the future. A release date will be posted once it is known.

Two modes to play: Casual and Hardcore

Are you able to avoid the walls and obstacles?