Mr Jazz Entertainment

Mr Jazz entertainment is a small independant game studio running out of Duncan, British Columbia, Canada. It consists of one developer (Jazzman) and a family full of quality assurance and testing.

After having been laid off from a tech company in the spring of 2024, Jazzman has dedicated more time to game development.

Using Unity to create games, Mr Jazz Entertainment will release games intended to provide people with a fun break in their day.

Its first release, Maze Changer was 5 years in the making. Working an hour here and there, the game is a result of a lot of learning, a lot of playing, and a lot of fun.

Touch Maze is the second release and the first to be released after having dedicated more time to development.

Jazzman is currently working on a new game that is an escape room style RPG. Follow our social media; updates on the new game will start appearing soon.

Touch Maze

A 2D sidscrolling action game intended to improve hand eye coordination.