How to play Touch Maze

May 9, 2024

A quick run through of how to play Touch Maze, the upcoming release from Mr Jazz Entertainment.

How to play?

Put your mouse cursor into the maze, click and hold the button, and hold on. Avoid any obstacles and the walls. It's that easy.
Can you do this for 30 seconds? If so, you can start the next level

Casual Mode vs Hardcore Mode

Casual Mode allows you to pick what level you want to play. You can repeat the level or try to beat the level you haven't finished.

Hardcore Mode starts you off at Level 1 and you continue to play until you crash. There is no max level for this mode. Keep playing as long as you can.

Check out the Steam page now!

Touch Maze will be released soon on Steam. As of yesterday, May 9th, the title is available to view and wishlist. Visit the Touch Maze Steam page for more information.